Children adopted from Russia are not limited to the United States, but, all over the world. We are working to connect people across the U.S for meet ups, host events that we can all partake in and advocate for the rights of people adopted from Russia.


picforblog David Schunk, President
David Schunk is graduating from Champlain College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Networking & Cyber Security this year. David has since been involved with many adoption advocate groups as well as creating a fundraising project for his orphanage in Russia during his years in college.  David continues to get more and more involved with adoption policies within the United States.  His dream is one day Russia will lift the ban for US citizens to adopt Russian children.

picsforblog Lara Hall, Vice President
My name is Lara Hall. I am the Vice President of the Russian Adoptees Committee. I was born in Pskov, Russia and adopted at age 1. I’ve been very fortunate to have amazing parents and a truly blessed life here in America. I just graduated college this may. I hope to apply to grad school this December for psychology to become a child psychologist! I live in Texas, have since I came to America. I hope to see this group go far and accomplish many things and I am proud and happy to say that I get to be a part of it! Thank you for reading about me and allowing me to help enrich the group members with what I have to offer.

kyra Kyra Kudron, Treasurer
My name is Kyra Kudron. My position is the treasurer of the committee; so I am in charge of and handle all the expenses the group has. I was born in Khabarovsk, Russia in October of 1996 as Marina Safronova. I was then adopted in April of 1997.

vika Viktoriya (Vika) Bloyer, Team Builder
My story begins when I was born on March 2, 1997. I was born in Bryansk, Russia and adopted in February of 2005 where I moved to Cambridge, Minnesota. Some hobbies I enjoy doing are jewelry making, usually earrings, writing different songs and poetry, making puns, collecting rocks and cooking! I like to travel, I have been to 6 different countries, Russia and America included; I can’t wait to go to more! I would consider myself an easy-going person and enjoy making new friends! My position on the committee is Team Builder. I get to help connect the people on the page by creating little discussions or activities people can partake in within the page!

vikablog Vika Sogge, Chief of Staff
My name is Vika, I was born in the region of Pskov, Russia in 1996. I was adopted in 1998 where I started my new journey to America. I lived in Buffalo, Minnesota graduating high school in 2014 and headed to Texas a year later. I am currently working on my generals waiting to see what I am called to do. I love traveling and am planning on returning to Russia soon. I love photography, gymnastics, traveling, scrapbooking, history and being one with nature! I look forward to meeting new people and hearing others stories.